What is it?

Normally, Upscope would be purchased by a company, installed on that company's website and then used to help their end users.

However, if you are a company that builds your own software and sells it to clients and those clients want to screen share with their end users, then you can integrate Upscope directly and offer it as part of your software.

What would that look like?

Lets say you provide financial software to accountants who themselves support their end users. 

You'd like the accountants to have Upscope so they can direct their end users through completing key forms. You'd integrate Upscope with that financial software and when the end user calls the accountant, the accountant can click the screen share link within the software interface and see the end user's screen to start directing them.

Upscope can work with existing phone and live chat systems. If your software comes with a live chat or phone system, great. If it does not, then those companies can use Upscope with their existing phone system. 

Typically a user will call the support agent who will ask the user to read out a 4 digit support pin that Upscope auto-generates and is placed anywhere you wish within your software.

After entering the support pin code, the agent will see the user's screen and begin co-browsing.

What's the pricing like?

We'd negotiate pricing depending on the business model of the software supplier. Normally we'd price per agent but if your business model has a different pricing model, we'd figure out how best to price sensibly and clearly for the end client.

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