Co-browsing easily aids customer support teams and their customers.  By showing and guiding a customer in order to solve issues, it provides a time-efficient solution that doesn’t compromise privacy and security.  Many customer support teams have already adopted co-browsing, integrated into live chat solutions, in order to to provide a visual end-to-end solution.   

Benefits for customers
Co-browsing aids stuck, confused and lost customers, who may not understand the tech side of an online business.   Co-browsing gives customer support teams a greater level of understanding as the agent can see what the customer is seeing.   

Benefits for customer support teams
Co-browsing is an intuitive tool for customer support representatives as it gives an accurate view as to where the customer is directly on the website. The added advantages are, being able to guide your customers directly to other links and pages on your website. 

Upscope’s application is the leading co-browsing support solution on the market, integrating with phone and live chat companies globally.  

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