If you have not done so already, create your Upscope account on There's a free trial available. You'll need to install the Upscope javascript code first.

Install and use the Upscope app for Zendesk in 3 steps

Please note that you have to be signed into Zendesk and Upscope as an admin.

  1. In Upscope go to your settings > integrations and click on Connect to Zendesk to generate a Token.

  2. Copy that Token and go to the Zendesk Marketplace.

  3. There's an Upscope app for support (tickets) and for chat. Choose the one you use and install the app. Enter in the Token when prompted.

Zendesk Messaging

If you have Messaging enabled, you can enable authenticated visitors and set the uniqueId on Upscope:

Upscope('updateConnection', {uniqueId: "YOUR_USER_ID"})

The value for uniqueId must be the same you used for externalId when signing a new JWT token on Zendesk.

PLEASE NOTE - for Zendesk Support (tickets)

If you're installing the Upscope app for Zendesk Support then you need to have "Show Lookup Code" enabled in your Upscope Co-browsing settings.

Upscope screen shots

In addition, you can enable the Upscope screenshots feature by asking your Upscope admin to go to their general settings > history and screenshots.

Read more about screenshots further below.

Using the App

To confirm that Upscope is installed correctly:

  1. You can run a test of the Upscope Zendesk integration by going onto your website and starting a chat.

  2. Within Zendesk you'll see the Upscope 'Screen sharing' button appear on the right hand side. Click that to start co-browsing.

You are able to not only scroll, click and type for the user but use the pen tool to draw on objects or around objects to bring the user's attention to them.

Please be sure to refresh the page when you've first installed Upscope with Zendesk.

Enable the new screenshots feature

Once you have the Upscope app for Zendesk installed, your Upscope admin can enable the screenshots feature by going to their general settings > History and screenshots.

Please note that screenshots, once enabled, will work for all new chats and not the old ones.

Screenshots give the you ability to see the last 5 pages the customer viewed.

Below you can see how they appear on the right hand side in the Zendesk chat panel and add context to conversations.

This is especially useful when the customer asks a question and leaves.

Rather than asking them "what problem do you see" you can see what happened and answer them first time.

The screenshots have the same security protection as your regular co-browsing. If you've chosen to hide elements of your page while co-browsing, those elements will also be hidden within screenshots.

Screenshot troubleshooting tips:

  • Upscope screenshots will only work for new chats. You won't be able to view screenshots for older chats/chats started before the feature was enabled.

  • You might see some messages to "contact developer" on the first day of usage but these should disappear after that.

Use the support code when users phone in

You can also find the user by using their support code when they phone in. 

The phone support code is a 4 digit unique code which, on entry, leads you to that user's specific screen without them having to start a chat on Zendesk.

  1. Ask for their code (make sure you have it enabled here)

  2. Plug the code into the Upscope widget

  3. Click the 'Screen share' button

Depending on your set-up, it can either be pulled up by the user pressing 'control' on their keyboard 5 times or it can also be displayed somewhere on the page.
Find out more about the support code

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