Co-browsing is a secure form of one way instant screen sharing where a support or sales agent is able to click once to see a customer's browser and remotely guide them by browsing with them, including the ability to click and scroll for them. is a co-browsing provider that integrates with existing live chat systems or phone systems, allowing agents to provide instant support for their products.

Co-browsing is extremely useful for real-time aid and demonstrations for customers in a personalised and secure manner.  

A customer service agent is able to highlight, point, scroll and click on a user’s screen, guiding them through unfamiliar interfaces, documents and forms.  

When you compare co-browsing to screen sharing , the clear difference is security. Co-browsing doesn’t allow you to access sensitive information on a customer’s screen, only the internet browser page that the customer is having issues with. 

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See more about how co-browsing works and how to get started at Upscope.

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