Once the javascript code is copy and pasted, when the co-browsing tool is first installed, the customer and agent do not need to download anything further. This is particularly useful when it comes down to the actual co-browsing, as no time is wasted identifying the customer or downloading different applications.    

Once you have identified the customer, you can access and view their screen, highlight, point and click, to aid them to the correct solution by guiding them through unfamiliar interfaces.  Co-browsing tools, such as Upscope, integrate with phone and live chat companies, in order to provide an end-to-end solution for customer service. 

  1. Choose the co-browsing tool that matches your requirements.  

  2. Add co-browsing to your live chat, phone system, website etc.

  3. Train customer service representatives how to use co-browsing solution.

  4. Enjoy your improved customer service and more generated sales leads! 

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