Co-browsing Vs. Screen sharing
What are the main differences between co-browsing and screen sharing?
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When selecting an application or tool for your business, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.  For different companies and industries, either screen sharing or co-browsing can be beneficial.  You must consider your growth and what will benefit your business more.  More importantly, what will better benefit your customers? 

Both, screen sharing and co-browsing have pros and cons, however, many industries opt for co-browsing, as it’s time-effective, install-free, safe, cost-efficient and provides a simple end-to-end solution for customers.  

The enterprises who choose screen sharing, mainly use the multiple screen sharing option and opt for this technology, in order to access outside the browser. 

Pros of co-browsing

  • It allows live sharing of a web browser page, helping customers on a real-time basis.

  • Safety-wise, the user only has access to your own website on the browser that the customer is on.  The agent is not able to access or see other programs, pages or tabs; unlike screen sharing.

  • Point, scroll, click and highlight a user’s screen. 

  • Co-browsing is straightforward and convenient,  requiring no installs or downloads, saving time and eliminating malware problems and threats. 

Cons of co-browsing 

  • There must be a high quality of internet connection on both sides in order for co-browsing to work properly, otherwise, this could lead to poor quality.

Screen sharing

What is it?

Screen sharing is when a user has full access to the entire screen of the customer.  The user is able to make changes and easily use their cursor on the other screen. With screen share, you can share what’s on your desktop, which can also include a browser view.  This allows agents to easily show and share data on their screen.  

Pros of screen sharing

  • Solve any issues in real-time on the computer itself, making it perfect for tech support executives and sales teams. 

  • Agents can use the view and show mode on screen sharing, making customer service issues instant and stress-free, by shifting from screen to screen. 

Cons of screen sharing

  • Agents have control of the screen, compromising security.  

  • You need to download software or swap links and that takes time.

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