If you're using LiveChat and want the ability to instantly see the screen of the user, directly from your chat with that user, then here are the simple steps to get going. 

  1. Sign up for the free Upscope trial on the home page
  2. Get your installation code from your settings
  3. Paste that code below your live chat code

That's it. That's all it takes. A screen share link will appear in the live chat panel as you talk to a user. You can click to instantly see the user's screen.

Example. Upscope code is pasted below the LiveChat code.

<!-- Start of LiveChat (www.livechatinc.com) code -->
<script type="text/javascript...
<!-- End of LiveChat code -->

<!-- BEGIN Upscope code -->
// The Upscope code you find in https://upscope.io/install
<!-- END Upscope code -->


If the "screen share" links do not appear, you can follow these steps to troubleshoot.

1. Check whether Upscope sees LiveChat

After the page has loaded, open up the inspector / console. Then type the following:


An alert should open up with the word liveChatInc  in it.

The alert does not have LiveChat  in it.

If the alert has the word undefined or null  in it, you will need to ensure that the Upscope code snippet is loaded after LiveChat. All you need to do is paste our code below LiveChat's.

If the alert has any other word in it, you might have multiple live chat systems installed on your website. Please get in touch with our team for help.

2. Take a look at the console log

On your page, open the console / inspector and type the following.

localStorage.debug = 'upscope:integrations'

Then, reload the page while keeping the console open. You should see debugging information about the integration.

3. Contact our team

If none of the above fixed the problem, you will need to contact our team  at team@upscope.io.

⚠️ Please provide a way for our tech team to access the page you are attempting to integrate Upscope and LiveChat on, as we wouldn't be able to assist you otherwise. If you can't provide access, please provide a pastebin link with the code that loads both LiveChat and Upscope.

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