Co-browsing FAQ
We cover key questions that explain what co-browsing is, who uses it, how it's implemented and more.
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What is co-browsing?
Co-browsing is collaborative browsing that allows two interacting users to be on one page at the same time, without any installs required.

Who uses co-browsing?
Live chat agents, customer service teams, call centres, sales teams

Is co-browsing secure?
Co-browsing is the securest way to access a customer’s screen.  Agents do not have power over a customer’s computer, they are only allowed access to a customer’s browser tab.

How do we implement co-browsing?
Implementing co-browsing is simple as it requires no downloads. To add co-browsing, simply copy and paste a few lines of javascript.

How is co-browsing different to screensharing?
The user only has access to your own website on the browser that the customer is on. The agent is not able to access or see other programs, pages or tabs; unlike screen sharing. There is joint browsing of the screen and there are no installs needed by the user or agent.

What are some of the co-browsing tools out there?
Upscope, Surfly, Unblu, Pega, Tagove.

How does co-browsing work with live chat?
Many live chat companies, such as Intercom, Olark, LiveChat etc. include co-browsing tools as integrations and add-ons, in order to further improve customer service.

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