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Cobrowsing Dashboard and Screen Sharing Page Breakdown
Cobrowsing Dashboard and Screen Sharing Page Breakdown
What Upscope looks like when you cobrowse with a user and a breakdown of the page
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List of Active Users

This is what you will see when you log into your account, a list of your online and recently online users.

Information such as location, customer ID, URL that they're on, and when they were last online will be shown for each user.

Cobrowsing Screen

Once you click on a name on the list or the screenshare link from your live chat, you will be taken to this window.

Address bar

Shows which page the user is on, if there are other tabs open, and which user is connected.


From left to right:
Colour of pen
Pen - draw across your user's screen to guide them
Cursor - click along with your users, navigating them across your app
Spotlight - another type of cursor which is heaver
Audio calling - Talk with your users across browsers with a built-in phone system
Internal notes - Any notes you need to take down, these will appear in the screen share log

End session - ends session and returns you to search page


Provides information if there is an error or bug, located on the bottom right of the cobrowsing window.
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