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Add a quick lookup code to provide phone support
Add a quick lookup code to provide phone support
Learn how to add a code to your page to quickly identify the user on the Upscope dashboard.
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When someone phones you and needs help, you can have them read out a short numeric code, like a pin number, and enter that into Upscope to see their screen. 

You can use upscope.js to add that short numeric code anywhere on the page.

That will allow your agent to quickly identify the user they are talking to and go to their screen.

Show the code on the page

To show the support code on the page, make sure you have an element where we can add the code. The element doesn't have to be there at page load, as we constantly scan the document to see if it appears, allowing you to place it in a submenu.


  <section id="support">
    <p>If you need assistance, call us at 555 333 3334 and quote code <span id="upscope-support-code"></span>.</p>

In this case, the element is #upscope-support-code .

In the lookup code section of your general settings, select "Show in an HTML element", and add the selector in the appropriate field.

All done!

Programatically Showing the Code

If you'd like to show the code only when the user needs help, or you have a high traffic website where multiple people would end up having the same code at the same time, you might want to use our API to find the code and display it as you see fit.

You need to send the user to #upscope-lookup-code

We automatically show the code and then send the user back to the original url, so a button can look like this:

<a href="#upscope-lookup-code">Show agent code</a>

Using the Code to Search for a User

Simply ask for the code your customer sees on the page, and enter it into the searchbar on the Upscope app.


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