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⚠️ While you can install Upscope through Segment, the preferred method is to paste the installation code directly on your website, as this will result in faster load times.

1. Create a Google Tag Manager account

To install Upscope, create a Google Tag Manager account here.

If you already have Google Tag Manager installed on your website, follow the instructions here instead.

2. Crate a new Container in Google Tag Manager

In Google Tag Manager, create a new container for your website.

3. Add Google Tag Manager through Segment

  • In Segment, click on "Destinations" » "Add destination".

  • Search for "Google Tag Manager".

  • Connect Google Tag Manager to your "Javascript" source.

  • Copy the container ID you created in Step 2 and activate the integration.

4. Add Upscope to Google Tag Manager

Follow the instructions here to add Upscope to Google Tag Manager.

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