1. Begin with installation
  2. Integrating with live chat? Find the screen sharing link
  3. Test your first screen share including drawing and clicking
  4. Invite team members
  5. Add the phone support code and run a search
  6. Set your authorisation prompt

Begin with installation

Installation requires a copy and paste of the Upscope code onto all pages you wish to screen share on. 

Install directly
Log into your account, under 'Settings' you'll find the code under the 'Installation Instructions' tab.

Or use Google Tag Manager
You can also install it using Google Tag Manager though it will be faster if pasted directly on the page, unless it's a single page application.

Where can I find the screen share link in my live chat system?

For all live chat integrations that we integrate with, once you've added the Upscope code to the same page as the live chat code, a link will appear in the live chat admin panel for that user.

The link appears in different locations depending on your live chat integration.

For LiveChat and Olark
For LiveChatinc and Olark, the screen share link is immediately visible during a user chat often on the right hand side of the agent's chat panel.

For Intercom, use the Intercom Upscope app
Once you've added our Upscope installation code to the site, you can also add our specially built Intercom Upscope app to screen share with customers.

See a video of how it works here:

You can find and install this this from their app store: https://www.intercom.com/app-store

For Zendesk, the link is on the right hand side in the visitor path.

For Drift, the link is buried several layers down and is not yet clickable but can be copied and pasted. We recommend using the search bar for Drift at present until the Drift 'app' to launch screen sharing from chat is completed.

Individual live chat integration instructions are here: https://help.upscope.io/installation-and-integrations

Test your first screen share including the pointer and drawer

Go onto the Upscope app, click on a test user. 

Once you can see their screen, you need to click again on the interface to start highlighting, scrolling and clicking with them.

There is both a highlight tool and a drawing tool. The tools are in the bottom right of the screen.

The activated spotlight tool looks like this.

If you click on the pencil, it becomes active and you can choose a colour for it.

Then draw circles to draw attention. The drawings fade after a few seconds.

Invite more team members to use Upscope

You can directly invite them or let users from the same domain sign up themselves.

Directly invite them by entering in their email into the team members section under settings.

Alternatively, you can enable the option in your general settings to let anyone with the same domain name sign up without an invite. For example, if you worked at Snap.com then anyone with an email address @snap.com can sign up themselves without you needing to invite them, once this option is enabled.

Note: If you're on a payment plan with say 5 agents, you can still add additional teammates for managing team members or billing, without have to pay more. They're only counted as agents if they actively screen share.

Set your phone support code to screen share with callers

You can enable a four digit code to appear on your site allowing you to search for people who call in. 

When someone calls in, ask them to read the 4 digit code to you and enter it into Upscope's search function on app.upscope.io. This takes you directly their screen.

The code is auto generated by Upscope and is unique to every online user. Any team member with access to 'General settings' can set the code to appear on the bottom left of your web page by enabling the option there.

Alternatively, you can add the support code anywhere else on your site by making a small change to your page code by following the instructions here.

Set your authorisation prompt so users can agree to screen sharing

An optional alert will appear on their browser asking for authorisation, this message is customisable in General Settings.

If you have additional questions that are not covered in this help section, please contact us by using the live chat button in the bottom right.

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