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Initiate a Session for Scheduled Calls: Personal Co-browsing Link
Initiate a Session for Scheduled Calls: Personal Co-browsing Link
When you have a scheduled meeting and want to co-browse during that meeting, use the personal co-browsing link to make it run smoothly.
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You can now start a screen share for a scheduled demo by having Upscope notify you that the customer has arrived on the site.

What does it do?

Let's say you've got a demo booked in for 4pm.

The customer opens the meeting request in their calendar and clicks your personal co-browsing link which you added as the "Location" for the meeting.

Upscope will notify you that your customer has arrived on your website and is ready to start the call. 

You don't need to look out for them, you can carry on with your own tasks until they turn up.

How to use the Personal Co-browsing link

Make sure Upscope is installed onto your app and site before using the code.
How to install Upscope

You'll find the link in your Personal Settings or at the bottom of the main dashboard.

Here's a personal call URL example:

1. Send it over to the customer within the calendar invitation

 (E.g. We set it as the 'location' of the demo)

You can have the tab on in the background while you perform other tasks, and you'll receive a ping once they arrive.

4. You'll see their name at the top of the app highlighted in green with a phone symbol.

5. Click on their name to initiate the co-browsing session.

 From here you can start an audio call within the session if needed.

6. Take them through the demo.

Without having to set up anything else you can straight into your demo of the product by guiding them through the site.

Customising your personal link

If you'd like to customise your link, you can do so in your Personal Settings.

Customising your link destination

You can determine where the customer is redirected to after clicking on the link e.g. your home page.

Note: We suggest you have Upscope installed on your public pages as, if the customer is logged out, they will be redirected to a page where Upscope isn't installed and the screen share won't connect.

You can change the destination of the link from your General Settings. 

Why use the Personal Co-browsing Link?

It allows you to start a demo in seconds and without having to wait around, just keep open and the browser tab flashes when they arrive. 

It's great for setting up even faster onboarding and support sessions with users. You won't have to ask them to message you to let you know they're online, and you can initiate a call within the browser when you start the session.

  • Make sure you don't have an automatic redirect when your customers enter your site, if you do, make sure where they page they're redirected also has the Upscope code installed, otherwise you won't be able to connect.

  • Each team member has their own link so make sure you're using the correct one, otherwise another team member will get the notification.

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