Unable to Connect to user

User not found

The system is unable to find the user, the underlying problem may be:

  1. The user hasn't refreshed the page since you installed Upscope, ask them to refresh the page and try again.

  2. Upscope is not installed on the page, you'll need to make sure it's installed, head to https://app.upscope.io/install/ for the installation code and instructions.

User not online

  1. Make sure they're on a page that Upscope is installed on.

  2. If you're attempting a co-browsing session with an email ticket on a chat service, you won't be able to.

  3. Check whether their browser is supported, we support IE11 and above and the recent Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

If you're using the Intercom chat app:

  1. Check https://app.upscope.io to see if they are online and it's just a connection problem between Intercom and Upscope.

If you're still unable to connect, please contact the us providing us with the user ID, browser and which page their on, along with login details to a test account for your application.

'Screenshare' link not visible on live chat

  1. Refresh both the agent and user sides

  2. Make sure you're not on a chat started before you installed Upscope

  3. Double check if Upscope is installed on the page

  4. If you are with any of these following providers, there are extra steps needed:

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