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Let your Customers Request a Session - Agent Request Button
Let your Customers Request a Session - Agent Request Button
Place a button on your application or site for customers to request an on-the-spot screen share session
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This button essentially allows the customer to 'call' an agent and notifies them that they would like to start a screen share session for immediate support.

How it works:

  1. Agent has the page open in the background to show they are available.

  2. Customer clicks on the support button

  3. There is a sound notification for the agent

  4. On the Upscope app, the customer's screen appears highlighted in blue at the top of the list

  5. Agent clicks on the user to begin the session

This is what the button looks like, we have ours on our Pricing page as an example.

It appears by default on the bottom left hand side, but it can be placed on any page and anywhere on the page.

What the agent sees on when someone is requesting a screen share.

How do I enable the button?

You can turn this feature on and off, as well as customise the wording under General Settings > Agent Request button.

How do I customise the location of the button?

Head to the General Settings page and scroll down to 'Agent Request Button'.

The last option 'Button position' will allow you to determine the location through CSS.

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