Beacon by Helpscout Integration
Integrate Upscope and Beacon live chat by Helpscout
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Start a co-browsing session directly from a chat in Beacon by installing Upscope on your website. The link will automatically appear within your chat window.

1. Install Upscope (how to install Upscope)

2. Add Screenshare as a custom property to your custom properties page within HelpScout

Please make sure to enter in exactly the word Screenshare including the capital S.

3. Make sure both the agent's and customer's browser tab is refreshed.

4. Whilst in a conversation, click the Screenshare link on the right hand side.

5. This will open up a co-browsing session in another tab.

6. By default it will ask the customer for permission to begin the co-browsing session. Once they accept you can start co-browsing and use the cursor tool to scroll, click and type for them.

You're set up and running!

Please contact us on our live chat if you have any questions or email for other enquires.

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