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Integrate and white-label Upscope
Integrate and white-label Upscope
Integrate Upscope into your own system by building it into it for your agents and your end users
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Our API lets you build parts of our system into your application, whether it's the customer management system your agents use, or the product that you sell to your customers to use with their end users.

This article covers some examples of how some companies have used the API so you can see whether it does what you want.

Don't fret if your use case isn't here, our API is versatile so just ask us if you're unsure!


  1. Examples of integrating Upscope into your system

  2. Pulling data and displaying it on your application

  3. Why use the Upscope REST API?

1. Example of integrating Upscope into your system

If you have a custom-built system and you’d like to inject a button into it for your agents to start a co-browsing session with the customer, you can use the Javascript and/or REST API to do this.

The javascript API allows you to quickly build an integration where your agents can click a link in your platform to co-browse with customers. If you'd like a deeper integration where you'd want to manage agents and their access within your platform, you can use the REST API.

A full integration using the Upscope REST API means:

  • Each agent doesn’t need an Upscope account.

  • Your agents don’t need to leave the system in order to co-browse (normally they’d be taken to the Upscope application)


For example, let's say a company has a custom-built CRM and 200 agents.

Setting up and managing this many accounts for Upscope would be difficult, so instead they want to integrate it into their CRM.

This provides a ‘Co-browse’ button on the customer’s profile, so while on a call with a customer, they click on the button which initiates a co-browsing session.

After clicking on the link, the agent would see the customer’s screen in the customer management system.

What if the customer isn’t logged into an account?

In cases where the customer doesn’t have an account with you or is logged out, you can build our search engine into your platform and use a four digit code to find a that customer's screen.

The customer will see a unique 4 digit support code on their screen, they read this out to the agent who enters it into the search engine to instantly see that customer's screen.

2. Pulling data and displaying it on your application

You can pull data from Upscope and display it on your platform, this is great for (but not limited to) if you are a software provider and would like to whitelabel Upscope.


Acmetalk Technologies, a company providing call centre and live chat software, want to offer co-browsing as an add-on on top of their current services.

But as well as co-browse with customers, they want their end users to be able to review usage, manage team members, and view the co-browsing session history.

To do this they pull data from Upscope and display it on their platform for their customers.

3. Why Upscope API?

SSL everywhere

Your connection with Upscope is protected by SSL everywhere. All access cookies are HTTPS only to guarantee no man-in-the-middle can get a hold of them.


While we load remote HTML in your agent's browser to show them what your user is seeing, we do so in a sandboxed iframe so that no javascript can be executed. We also proxy all remote assets to ensure they are served over HTTPS.

Find out more about our security here (


We offer on-premise, so if you would like to host Upscope on your own servers we can help you set it up.

Set-up support

We’re here to answer your questions, take you through how the integration would work, and support you whilst you build it. We’re dedicated to make the journey as smooth as possible so don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We’ll be there every step of the way.


Pricing will vary depending on volume of users, we offer volume discounts that are dependent on the number of agents you would like to commit to each billing period.

We provide extended trials and work with clients to establish a proof of concept for anyone who is interested in using the API to build and test the integration.

Please ask our team for further information by emailing, calling us at:
+44 20 3778 0432
+1 347-344-5719

Or speak to us on live chat!

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