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This may be an obvious one, but do ask the customer before surprising them with a co-browsing request.

You might also want to mention that you can only see your own site, some won’t realise this, won’t feel comfortable sharing their screen and end up rejecting the request.

Education first, support second

Our philosophy here at Upscope is to try to guide the customer but let them actually do the physical work. So when you’re on a co-browsing session with them, point out where to go but let them click.

Try and refrain from clicking yourself unless the customer is really struggling, don’t wait until they get frustrated over not knowing where to go.

It’s the whole ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.

Try audio and co-browsing, even if it’s not currently in your processes

If you don’t typically provide phone support or you’re using a live chat integration, try out the browser to browser audio option we have in the session. 

You can guide the customer with the session but explain verbally, this combination means a smooth customer experience, which is a quicker and clearer than live chat (especially when it’s a long session), and has a noticeable impact on the CEX score.

Open up another channel

If you don’t have a live chat but you want a way for your customers to be able to easily contact you through the website, you can give them the option to request a co-browsing session with just one click.

The Request Agent Button gives your customers another channel for them to contact you on. 

Instead of digging to find a phone number or email address, then dialing this into their phone or writing out an email, they can click the button right there on the page.

Not just for ad-hoc support

The most common use for Upscope is on-the-spot support, but that doesn’t mean it should be restricted to just that!

You can hop straight into a co-browsing session with a customer, similar to how you’ve probably used a conferencing link, you can use your Personal Call Link for scheduled demos to give the customer an effortless experience.

Say you’ve just had a customer purchase your app and is setting everything up, you’d want to arrange an onboarding session rather than waiting for them to reach out.

Offering them a session encourages them to engage with your product more so they can make the most of the next meeting and to also set them up with what actions to take next, and as we all know, better onboarding means higher retention.

Add your personal link into the calendar invite as the location, if you use something like Calendly, you can automatically include the link every time someone books a meeting.

Customise Upscope

We want Upscope to fit in your processes, your company image, and your daily workflow.

So going through the General Settings is worthwhile if you want to explore the options, and if there’s something you want but can’t see it on the page, we also have documents on what you can do with our javascript API and REST API.

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