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Examples of using the Upscope Co-browsing javascript and REST API
Examples of using the Upscope Co-browsing javascript and REST API
See examples of using the co-browsing javascript API and REST API to integrate Upscope into your platform for your or your client's agents.
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The Upscope javascript API allows you to customize the way Upscope behaves on different pages. The Upscope's REST API allows you retrieve information about your account and your visitors, as well as generate authorization tokens that allow unauthenticated visitors to screen share with Upscope.

Below are a number of examples to help you decide when and how to use them.

I'm using a 3rd party live chat system and want to add Upscope co-browsing so agents can co-browse with users while chatting

Upscope has a number of integrations with popular live chat products like Intercom, LiveChatinc, Drift and more.

Simply copying and pasting the Upscope javascript snippet onto the same pages as the live chat snippet creates a unique co-browsing link for each user within that live chat interface. When chatting to them you can click that link to begin co-browsing.

I want to integrate Upscope into our support platform so my support agents can co-browse with customers

If you have your own support platform and wish to do a fast simple integration, you can use the javascript API to generate a co-browsing link (Upscope('getWatchLink', cb);) and place that link on your interface. Each link is uniquely generated for each user's screen.

The co-browsing link would take them to Upscope so your support agents would still, in this case, need to have an Upscope login account. If you don't want them to have to sign up to Upscope and wish to manage all support agents within your own app, you'd use the REST API. Typically, companies do this when they have a large number of support agents.

I'm working on a SaaS software where each of my clients have their own support agents who wish to use co-browsing.


I have a live chat solution and I'd like to offer co-browsing to the 1000s of companies using our services

When you're the provider of a software service which companies purchase for their own support agents and you want to add co-browsing as one of your features, you'd need to use the REST API.

Typically, companies fully whitelabel Upscope co-browsing into their platforms by placing the cobrowsing screen itself into an iframe.

Add a co-browse button to your software 

Once the support agent clicks the co-browsing button, they see the user's screen in an iframe, within their interface.

I want an on-premise solution

Upscope has an on-premise option. Learn more about our on-premise architecture here. Get in touch with our team via our home page chat or email us directly on

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