You'll need to make sure you have beta features enabled on your account, to turn them on please click here: https://app.upscope.io/settings/teams/_/beta


1. Connect Upscope to Salesforce

Click the button here to connect Upscope to Salesforce.

2. Optionally, turn on Single Sign On

Single Sign On will allow all your Salesforce users to sign into Upscope with one click.

3. Turn on Call creation

You can set Upscope to create a Task whenever you start a session from Salesforce.
To enable this, click Customize, then select Yes for "Create an object in Salesforce from the session?"
You can further customize the Task or other object we create based on your SFDC configuration.

To customize the object, edit the field mapping JSON by using the pre-defined one as a reference. Values that start with = are dynamic and will be based on the specific session.

4. Create Screen share button in SFDC

From the bottom of that page, copy the start session URL:

Then, use the following path in your Salesforce to create a button for your Cases:


⚠️ Make sure that you choose the option "Detail Page Button"

After you have saved, go into "Case Page Layouts" » "Case Layout" and drag the "Screen share" button onto the Case details section of the page.

5. Save, and you are done! ✅


While on a case, click the "Screen share" link to start a session.

You will be redirected to the user's screen if they are online, and the search page if they are not.

⚠️ Make sure to add the user's email in the javascript for a smoother process.

After you are done, the call will be logged on the case feed.

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