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How to make iframes work on Upscope
How to make iframes work on Upscope
Learn how to make your iframes work on Upscope.
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Upscope will work with iframes without you needing to do anything when these are hosted on the same domain. This means that the part of the url between ://  and the first /  is exactly the same (i.e. and are considered different domains).

In this case, you only need to add the Upscope script to the outermost frame (i.e. the parent page).

You don't need to do anything to make Upscope work cross-domain if iframes aren't involved.

Different domains

To make Upscope work when you have iframes on different domains / subdomains, you'll need to add the Upscope code to all the iframes. This is the code you get from

The code will behave differently in the iframe, and you can't use SDK within it. That means that if you want to identify the user you'll need to do so in the outermost frame.

The iframes will connect automatically.

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