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Add a button onto your website for users to easily request for help!
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Your user is going through your website and suddenly, they're stuck at a step.
Panic! on the Website. Here's an easy solution: what if they could click on a button and get immediate help from an agent?

So do we, which is why we have a pre-built button that you can include on your website that summons any available agent by giving them a ring. Note that the agent has to have open to appear as available. 

To activate this, go to General Settings -> Request agent button. Here, you get to decide when the button should appear (all the time, never, or when an agent is available), where it's placed on your website, and what the pop-up alert messages say. 

How to build your own button

If you'd like to use javascript to create your own button and customize how it looks, follow the steps below: 

  1. Make sure your website page has the code from installed already

  2. To display the button only when agents are online, listen for agentsAvailable  events.

  3. To ask for an agent, use Upscope('requestAgent'); . You can cancel the request before it is accepted by calling Upscope('cancelRequestAgent') 

  4. To know the status of the request, listen to the agentRequestUpdate event

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