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How do I use Upscope with phone support?
How do I use Upscope with phone support?
Using Upscope while on the phone with a client.
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If you're on the phone with a client and would like to start a co-browsing session, there are a couple of different ways that you can do this. 

  1. Have the client press "Control" 5 times on their keyboard. (Make sure you have this feature enabled in your Upscope General Settings.) This will generate a 4-digit code that they will give to you. Use the code to search the client up on your Upscope dashboard and start a co-browsing session. 

2. You can enable the "Request an agent" button feature and add them to all your web pages so that the client can click on it to start a session with any available agent. You'll find this setting under General Settings. 

Alternatively, you can start an audio call directly from a co-browsing session. 

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