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How to integrate Upscope with Salesforce Chat
How to integrate Upscope with Salesforce Chat
Using our Salesforce Chat integration you can start a co-browsing session directly from a chat conversation.
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Read this first: New zero code install Universal Co-browsing which allows you to Co-browse without any installation or integration required.

Step 1. Create a custom field

Create a new custom "Screen Share" field to the ChatTranscript object, type url. You can make it read-only and visible to the agent.

Step 2. Make sure Salesforce Chat and Upscope are installed on the same page

Upscope will detect Salesforce Chat automatically. You can check if the Chat SDK is available by looking for the embedded_svc object in the browser inspector.

Different field name?

Upscope will automatically add the chat link to a field named Screen_Share__c. If your field name is different, you can change it in the Upscope installation script.

// ... rest of installation script

Upscope('init', {
"sfdcFieldId": "Co_Browse__c", // <- Field ID here
// ... all other custom options

Step 3. That's it!

There is no Step 3. The link to start a session will be automatically added to all incoming chats!

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