Normally you only need to guide customers on your own website but there are instances where you might want to guide them on a third party website like, WordPress or Facebook.

You can do this using Upscope's proxy browsing feature that can be enabled within your settings.

To start, please be sure you have:

  1. Signed up for an Upscope account.

  2. Followed the setup instructions.

  3. Enable the proxy browsing feature within your Upscope general settings.

Please be sure to enable "proxy browsing" within your settings

Your team's Upscope account owner can enable proxy browsing within your Upscope general settings.

Usage example: Let's say a customer needs help navigating WordPress

Let's say a customer has contacted you on live chat saying they need help navigating the complicated administrative settings on WordPress.

You'd like to start a co-browsing session that takes them to your customers WordPress site and lets you click, scroll and type for them.

Go to to locate your personal co-browsing link.

It sits near the bottom of the page and looks like this:

Send this link to the customer via live chat or email.

Note: You can choose to customize this link your settings and rename it to something you prefer or simply use the default auto-generated link.

The customer will see the below page asking them to wait for the support agent to arrive.

They can choose to enter in the website they need guidance on or wait for you to arrive and do it.

When the customer clicks the link you'll be notified.

At the top of the user list on you'll see a notification of a customer waiting for you.

It will be highlighted in bright green as below.

Click that green highlighted box to begin co-browsing with that customer.

You'll then see what they see and can use the pen tool to draw on the screen or use the cursor tool to directly click and scroll for them.

To change the site you're on click on the address bar and enter it there.

Get started

Sign up for an Upscope account if you have not done so.

Contact our team using our live chat if you have questions or email for other enquiries.

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