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Add a co-browse shortcut to your contact pages
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Adding a shortcut in Hubspot means your team can start a co-browsing session from a contact page.

1. Install the Upscope code

2. Add shortcut to Hubspot

1. Create a new Contact property named 'Screenshare' or 'Cobrowse'

Settings > Properties > Contact properties > Create property, make sure it's a text type property

2. Create a workflow to fill in the property

Go to Automation > Workflows > Create Workflow and create the following workflow

3. Make the new property visible on the contact page

Head to Settings > Properties > Records customization > Contact

4. You'll now see a screenshare link which will take you directly to the Upscope app.

Note this works by redirecting you to the search page on Upscope with their email pre-filled in the search bar, so make sure you are passing email addresses through the installation code.

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