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Videos on getting started with Upscope
Videos on getting started with Upscope
See videos on all key features including how to install Upscope, run your first session, how other key features work and how to configure it
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Read this first: New zero code install Universal Co-browsing which allows you to Co-browse without any installation or integration required.

Installation and first session

How to install Upscope

Troubleshooting installation e.g. when not seeing CSS on your test environment

Integrating Upscope with your live chat system

Starting a session

Highlighting, spotlighting, making a call

Creating and managing teams

Understanding key features

The request agent button

Personal co-browsing link and proxy

How to use the console

Seeing Screenshots within Intercom, Zendesk, LiveChat


Typically, REST API is for enterprise plans or for white labelling and needs to be requested in advance as part of a special plan.

Multi-agent sessions

Element masking

Configure your settings to your preferences

Overview of co-browsing settings

Request agent button settings

How to customize the request agent button

Team settings

Customizing the customer prompt

Phone support / lookup code settings

Personal co-browsing settings

REST API key settings

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