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Embed Upscope Co-browsing into any Website in Minutes
Embed Upscope Co-browsing into any Website in Minutes
The simple way to embed Upscope into your website is by creating a new iframe and pointing it to the Upscope embed url
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Let's say you've built your own custom support system.

You'd like to give your support agents the ability to co-browse directly from within that support system, rather than having to login into Upscope on a separate tab.

How can your agents co-browse directly from within your software?

1. Create a new iframe within your system

2. Point the iframe to

3. This will show the normal user list within the iframe so you can search for and find an individual user you'd like to help.

4. When you click to begin co-browsing with that user it will take place within that iframe rather than opening up a new tab containing the Upscope website.

If the agent is not logged into Upscope a pop-up will appear asking them to login.

This makes embedding Upscope into your systems for easy access possible within minutes and without the extra Upscope borders and navigation that your agents might not require.

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