Universal Co-browsing vs Regular Co-browsing

Regular Co-browsing

> Requires installation of the Upscope javascript snippet

> Only works on the website where you've installed the snippet

Universal Co-browsing

> No installation of code needed

> Works on any website

Why would you use one over the other?

Regular 'code installation' Co-browsing is better for support as the customer will not have to login again. Many companies only help customers on their own website. You also guide them directly on your own website rather than going to an Upscope link.

Universal co-browsing is for when you need to help someone across many websites and, while the customer would have to login again, it's great for sales and support teams where the customer is starting on publicly available pages and forms. It's also better for banks etc where adding code would be a very difficult process.

Below is an image of the universal co-browsing show customer and agent side by side on Amazon. It's like a browser within a browser.

How do you get started with Universal Co-browsing?

  1. Sign up to Upscope and create your account

  2. You are assigned your own personal co-browsing link

  3. When a customer asks for help, send them that link

  4. When the customer clicks the link, you're notified and the session starts

The great thing about Universal Co-browsing is that you only need login to Upscope and then send your link to anyone and you can browse with them.

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