How to install Upscope
Find out how to install Upscope on your website.
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Read this first: New zero code install Universal Co-browsing. Below we cover the regular Co-browsing installation process but we've also built Universal Co-browsing which works across all websites and does not need any installation.

To install Upscope, you'll need to log into your account, and head to the installation page:

Here you'll find your installation code, which needs to be installed onto every page

โ—๏ธ If someone else will be installing Upscope, feel free to share with them the installation page

Where to add the javascript

You can add the javascript anywhere on the page, but if you want to integrate Upscope with a live chat system, you'll have to add the Upscope javascript after the one of the live chat system you are using.

How will I know if the code is installed correctly?

If you head to the search page in the Upscope app ( you will see a list of users who are currently on your site. You'll also receive an email once we detect Upscope is installed correctly.

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