By default, all form values except passwords are shown during screen sharing.

If you handle credit card payments or have password inputs with "view input" switches, you will need to tell Upscope to hide the input.

Using CSS

The easiest way to hide form values from Upscope is adding to the input or any of its parent elements the no-upscope class.

For example, a form whose <form> tag has the no-upscope class will have all of its inputs values obfuscated.

Using this method will convert the input value to asterisks, so that the agent can still see the user typing. Upscope  would be shown as ******* .

It's important to note that the conversion is done before any data is transmitted to Upscope, so it never leaves your user's screen.

Using javascript

If you have specific needs you can pass a custom formValueMiddleware to the Upscope('init', {…}); function.

This is the default function:

function (element) {
  var value = element.value;
  while (element) {
    if (element.type === 'password' || (element.className && /\bno-upscope\b/.test(element.className)))
      return value.replace(/./g, '*');
    element = element.parentNode;
  return value;

If you return '' instead of value.replace(/./g, '*') , the agent would not see anything in the input.

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