There are two ways to go from Intercom chat to Upscope screensharing. 


The first is via the link on the right hand side under 'Details' as an attribute.

Installed it but not seeing it? Read this article to troubleshoot.


You can also do it via the app, this way can resolve missing screenshare links and is a record of when a screensharing session occurs.

1. Download our app 

2. Connect Intercom and Upscope by going to the 'Integrations' tab in Upscope General Settings. 

Make sure you are the owner or have permissions to change settings within Upscope. How to give access to other team members

 3. Request authorisation to screenshare via the actual chat by clicking on the app icon.

4. After the user accepts, you will receive an internal note with a link that will take you to their screen in another tab.

5. Screenshare!

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