How to use Upscope with Intercom
See what your customer sees and guide them using the Upscope Co-browsing app for Intercom.
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Video of making and using the Upscope to Intercom integration

Before you install the app

Please be sure you've added the Upscope javascript snippet to all pages you wish to screen share on as per the sign up instructions.

Your Upscope account owner can find the javascript snippet within their general settings under installation.

Now you're ready to install the Upscope Intercom app from the Intercom app store and begin screen share sessions directly from within a chat.

Install the Upscope App from the Intercom app store

Upscope has an official Intercom app.

2. Connect Intercom and Upscope by going to the 'Integrations' tab in Upscope General Settings. 

Make sure you are the owner or have permissions to change settings within Upscope. How to give access to other team members

 3. Request authorisation to screenshare via the actual chat by clicking on the apps icon.

Within every intercom chat there's an apps icon at the bottom as shown below. Click that and you'll see the Upscope app.

Once you click on the Upscope app, the customer is sent the following request within the chat which they click to give you permission to begin screen sharing.

4. After the user accepts, you will receive an internal note with a link that will take you to their screen in another tab.

5. Screenshare!

Enable Upscope Screenshots for Intercom

Upscope also has a great feature for Intercom: Screenshots. You can now see how a customer came to a problem by seeing a series of screenshots of their journey up until they opened live chat.

Below you can see how screenshots look within Intercom.

Secondary method: Screen sharing link in the side bar

The older method of using Upscope without adding the Upscope app from the Intercom app store was via a link in the side bar.

By default, when you add the Upscope code to your site it automatically creates an Upscope "Screensharing" link within Intercom in the right hand side bar for a chat under "Details"

However, this is not as reliable a method as using the Upscope app described above which is the recommended method.

Installed it but not seeing it? Read this article to troubleshoot.

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