What is an 'active agent'?

An active agent goes towards the counted licenses for the billing period, as soon as a team member screen shares, they are a license for that month.

What does 'minimum agents' mean?

Our pricing structure is a fluctuating monthly amount with a minimum number of agents determining a base price. The base price covers a certain amount of agents that can use Upscope, depending on which plan you choose.

What is the base price?

The base price is the minimum you will be charged every month. This base price is 3x price per agent, and will include 3 active agents, as soon as you exceed that limit, you'll be charged extra agents.

Why this structure?

We based our structure on the idea that you only want to pay for those who use Upscope each month, the base price is to cover implementation, support, and server cost.

What if I have a larger team?

The structure is suited to big and medium companies, as paying a fixed amount every month to cover every agent with an Upscope profile would end up being costly.

I want to use the integration API or sell you as an add-on - how much would this be?

It is dependant on how many users you have, what kind of integration is required, and other factors, please contact a member of the team for more information and a quote.

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