An example of how it works.

A user calls in and needs help navigating their site. You're the agent, you ask the user for the 4 digit pin code that Upscope generates and places on your site. 

Once they've told you the pin code, you enter it into Upscope and go straight to their screen.

How simple is it to add the pin code? A couple of clicks!

You can choose to display the pin code on your site by selecting the option in your 'General settings' assuming you have permission to edit general settings. 

What it looks like on your site if you choose the default display?

It's a small slide out on the bottom left of the page. When the user hovers over it, it slides out to display the pin code.

Alternatively, display it however you wish.

You can add it wherever you wish e.g. the footer of your website. Below you can see the support code just below the Contact Us options on the Upscope home page. 

See more on how to display the code here. 

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