By default, your user will not notice anything when you start watching their screen. If you hold information that is considered sensitive it might make sense for you to require your user's authorization before your agents can see their screen.

The only way of enabling this option is from the javascript API to ensure no one with access to your Upscope account (including Upscope employees) have no way of overriding this setting.

How to enable the authorization request

To enable the authorization request, set requireAuthorizationForSession  to true in the Upscope('init', {…}); function.

This will ask the user for authorization with a confirm()  function. This can be changed to fit your layout if you wish.

How to customize the prompt

If you want to use your own function to authorize the screen sharing request, add your function to Upscope('init', {…});  under onSessionRequest .

The function will need to accept as argument a callback, which will take as argument true  for accepting the screen sharing request and false  to refuse it.

This is the default function:

function (cb) {'Upscope session request received');
  cb(confirm('Would you like to let our agent see your screen?'));
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